Sports Massage In Nottingham

Sports Massage With Biodynamix

Sports Massage is a form of massage using deep tissue techniques to manipulate the soft tissues of the body such as the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. The purpose of Sports Massage is to assist in correcting problems such as specific dysfunctions and imbalances in those tissues associated with regular strenuous and repetitive physical activity.

I use a wide range of techniques during the massage to make sure I get deep into the problematic tissues, leaving you feeling physically and mentally restored, refreshed and revitalised. Whatever your requirements, whether it be pre or post exercise, to aid recovery from injury, to enhance performance, or for general physical well-being, the treatment is adapted to suit your requirements.

Why Choose Sports Massages With Biodynamix?

Sports Massage produces overwhelming benefits for athletes, sports participants or anyone involved in regular physical activity.

Sports Massage can : -​

  • Improve blood flow through the muscle tissues.
  • Assist with lymphatic drainage.
  • Stretch and realign the muscle fibres.
  • Break down scar tissue formed from injury.
  • Release toxins from the tissues.
  • Greatly reduce muscle fatigue.
  • Relax the muscle tissues.
  • Help relieve anxiety and depression .
  • Accelerate soft tissue injury recovery.
  • Optimise and maintain performance.
  • Prepare mind and body for exercise or provide post exercise recovery.

Our Prices

£25.00 – 30 Mins
£40.00 – 1 Hour
Injury Assessment & Treatment